Samsung Electronics release blockchain-ready KlaytnPhone

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Samsung Electronics is to release a new edition of the Galaxy Note 10 smartphone which will be pre-installed with a cryptocurrency wallet as standard.

The development follows a recent trend of crypto integration within the smartphone industry, as companies strive to offer crypto enthusiasts a wallet solution for the digital currencies.

The latest edition is an enhancement on Samsung’s previous Galaxy Note 10 but is marketed as the ‘KlaytnPhone’, which is named after Kakao’s subsidiary platform Klaytn.

Initially the KlaytnPhone will be sold in South Korea only, no mention has yet been made about sales elsewhere in the World. The phone will come complete with its own crypto wallet and pre-installed blockchain apps and expect to retail for around $1,000. Reportedly, purchasers of the phone will also receive a nominal amount of ‘Klay’ tokens, the native token of Klaytn.

Klaytn network blockchain apps are already available through Google’s Android operating system but only the KlaytnPhone will support full scale transactions across the Klaytn network.

Initially launched in June this year, Klaytn the platform of Ground X has yet to release its Klay tokens for public trading. This hasn’t stopped a conglomerate of companies joining the project to the tune of a combined $64 Billion market value. Ground X chief Han Jae-sun believes that its platform partners will help bring ‘stability and reliability’ to its project whilst also enticing several larger organisations.

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