Blockchain to Integrate BitPay’s Payments Architecture to Expand Core Wallet Capabilities

August 25, Bitcoin wallet and blockchain explorer provider Blockchain has announced its partnership with BitPay, the world’s largest bitcoin processor.

According to Blockchain’s blog post BitPay’s payment architecture will be integrated into Blockchain’s wallet, in-turn, boosting its customer-base into its wallet service. Users of Blochain’s wallet will now be able to pay multiple merchants online or on mobile.

‘We’ve seamlessly integrated BitPay into the Blockchain Wallet so you can pay for products and services from an extensive network of merchants without ever giving up control of your private keys.’

To date BitPay processes around $1 billion USD in bitcoin each year for its clients. A further $2.8 billion have been processed in other cryptos since 2011. BitPay hosts an impressive list of clients who accept payments through their processing architecture. These firms include Amazon, Microsoft, Delta, Dallas Mavericks and the American Red Cross to name a few and can be found in the BitPay directory.

Concurrently, Blockchain has grown to become one of the World’s largest wallet providers, currently hosting over 38 million users who account for approximately a quarter of al ‘on-chain’ Bitcoin transactions.

In the blog, Blockchain highlighted their enthusiasm over the partnership and hinted at imminent expansion beyond Bitcoin payments. ‘We’re excited to see this new addition connect our Wallet users to the world of merchants that accept Bitcoin (and soon other cryptos) as a payment method — one of the key ways to interact with and grow the digital asset ecosystem,” Blockchain writes in a statement.’

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