TRON Launches Odyssey Update for Mainnet v.3.6.0

Tron’s (TRX) Head of Public Chain Division, Marcus Zhao has today announced the latest update to the mainnet to Odyssey: v3.6.0. The recent news has since been confirmed through announcements from CEO, Justin Sun.

The latest update includes changes to many features on the mainnet which include an added instruction for TVM that would return a predictable contract address before being deployed.

Notably, the update also includes ‘Add clearABI API including http and grpc, contract’s deployer can use this to clear his contract’s existed ABI.’

The latest update to Odyssey will support event subscriptions with ABI and include an optimized energy deduction strategy, HTTP interface, and http/grpc broadcast transaction interface. According to a post through GITHUB, the update also fixed the HTTP interface parsing the long type value.

The Tron Foundation has previously stated that the update is aimed at P2P networks, whilst the public chain is designed to maximize its user engagement with free access and solid incentives.

TRX currently sits as the twelfth biggest crypto asset by market cap, currently valued at $0.0331 with a market cap of $2.208 billion. The latest update follows a series of recent developments by the growing crypto firm, spearheaded by the notoriously media savvy CEO.

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