Microsoft Dives Deeper into the World of Blockchain with the Release of the Blockchain Development Kit for the Ethereum Blockchain.

It appears that it’s not only Amazon Web Services that has got in on the ‘Crypto’ act as Microsoft releases its new Azure Blockchain development kit for the Ethereum network.

The announcement was made by Microsoft on the Azure blog on May the 6th in which they stated,

Microsoft has been investing a lot into the development of Blockchain based technology

The Azure Blockchain has been built in a bid to make Enterprise Blockchain more approachable and easier to develop. This will be an extension to Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code.

It is reported that the offering will provide an enhanced experience for developers in building Blockchain apps utilizing Azure Blockchain Service and as an extension, the Ethereum network. This will also allow tools like Solidity and Truffle to be used by users of the service.

In the blog, Microsoft reinforced its belief in the tools it is providing by adding:

This proves even further the investment and dedication that Microsoft is putting forth towards the use of Blockchain ledger technologies in the Enterprise, or even on the public blockchain networks.

The Azure extension is currently compatible with Windows and the MacOS operating systems and hosted (open source) on Github.

Other companies already involved with the Azure Blockchain service include Starbucks, who will be using it to track coffee production, JP Morgan Chase through Quorum and Nasdaq who will be integrating it into its financial framework in order to speed up transactions.

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