Microsoft adds RSK Smart Contracts to its Azure Marketplace Ecosystem

RIF Labs has announced that RSK Smart Mainnet node can now be launched on Microsoft’s Azure BaaS offering. The RSK Smart Contract Network is an open-source platform that seeks to extend the functionality of Bitcoin using smart contracts and the Azure Marketplace is an app store for Microsoft’s cloud computing service.

As RIF Labs’ gets set to launch new protocol implementations for its RIF OS, their integration with Microsoft will be very crucial for the blockchain startup in the future. RSK network has now the opportunity to expand at less cost as setting up nodes will now be easy and due to the storage space rental on the nodes, the developers will have the opportunity to earn mining rewards.

With the addition of RSK Smart Contracts on the marketplace, RIF Labs customers now won’t have to deploy local servers while manually setting up and maintaining nodes for running the blockchain, but they can now have an RSK blockchain network set up in minutes via Azure.

RSK strategist and RIF Labs CTO, Adrian Eidelman :

DApp developers can now focus on building their product, since they don’t have to worry anymore about spending hours in setting up and maintaining the node.

Sajan Parihar, director of Microsoft Azure said that the Azure marketplace is important for the developers as they easily find, buy, and deploy partner solutions they can trust, all certified and optimized to run on Azure.

We’re happy to welcome RSK Smart Contracts to the growing Azure Marketplace ecosystem.


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