Litecoin(LTC) Receives Massive Institutional Interest – Grayscale CEO As Bullish As Ever on Bitcoin (BTC)

Grayscale Investments released information on the structure change of its Digital Large Cap Fund (DLC). The fund gives qualified investors an easy access to the top 5 leading cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. – Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

According to the tweet, the latest change in composition has seen Litecoin increased from 1.8% of the total fund to 3.3%, which is an 83.33% increment. Grayscale’s biggest exposure to an Altcoin is LTC. The fund also increased its Bitcoin allocation from 66.8% to 68.3%, and Bitcoin Cash from 2.8% to 2.9%.

Grayscale rebalances the DLC quarterly as per the fund criteria set by the company. Assets that have been reduced in the recent rebalancing are XRP from 14.7% to 11.9% and Ethereum from 13.9% to 13.6%.

The CEO and founder of Digital Currency Group and Grayscale Investments Barry Silbert told CNBC in an interview that he is “as bullish as he has ever been” on Bitcoin:

“I’m convinced that whatever money is in gold is not going to stay in gold. That gets handed down to millennials – I’m highly confident a lot of that will go into Bitcoin.”

Digital Currency Group, owner of the investment firm, does the world’s largest crypto assets management with over $1.1 billion is assets, $1.06 billion allocated in its Bitcoin Trust and $11 million in its DLC.

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