ErisX About to Launch its Crypto Exchange, TD Ameritrade Could Soon Offer Crypto Trading to its 11 Million Retail Clients

On April 24, crypto industry outlet The Block reports that the Chicago-based crypto exchange ErisX is ready to launch its trading services after being in test mode.

United States retail brokerage TD Ameritrade is one of those financial firms which participated in the crypto exchange’s testing. Announced in October of last year, TD Ameritrade has been an investor in ErisX and is said to be a potential user of the crypto exchange – The Block reports.

Investing company DRW Holdings and high-frequency trader Virtu Financial are also reported to be investors in the exchange and both has reportedly agreed to be market makers for ErisX

A spokeswoman for ErisX said:

Testing is a best-practice necessary for us and our customers as we build the most robust and transparent marketplace for digital assets

ErisX tweeted on April 23 that a limited number of participants are currently testing the platform.

The platform reportedly aims to host spot crypto and crypto derivative trading later this year after obtaining regulatory approval.

Per the report, TD Ameritrade could soon offer crypto trading to 11 million retail clients. The Block claims that ‘If TD Ameritrade is successful in launching the offering’, it would be among the first major brokers to offer cryptocurrency trading, following leader Robinhood, the San Francisco zero-commission broker.

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