Japanese regulators approved Crypto Exchange set to Launch in April

On March 25, a press release from a Japan based exchange DeCurret, reported that Japanese financial regulators approved a second cryptocurrency exchange. It will start operating this week.

DeCurret, which joins an offering from e-commerce giant Rakuten in launching on the domestic market, will begin trading on April 16.

DeCurret summarized in the press release :

 “With the concept of ‘connecting and exchanging all values and making transactions simple,’ DeCurret aims to become ‘a major financial servicer for digital currency’ that sets standard [sic] for secured and convenient digital currency transaction,”

Statistics shared by Bitcoin.com shows that Japan’s financial regulator, Financial Services Agency (FSA) have been approached by over 140 entities regarding approval of an exchange since March 2018. Documentation has been submitted by 23 entities to initiate the process, which is actively underway with a total of seven applicants.

Rakuten and DeCurret are currently the only two to have gained formal registration and approval from Japan’s financial regulators.

2019 has also seen licenses handed to extant operators, including Huobi in January and previously-hacked domestic platform Coincheck late last year.

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