Houbi announces XRP Futures Contracts

Huobi Global announced on March 27th that Huobi’s derivatives exchange, Huobi Derivative Market, will launch XRP futures contracts this Friday The derivatives exchange (“Huobi DM”), already supports 4 major cryptos, which are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and EOS futures.

Huobi DM will launch weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly XRP contracts at 10:00 UTC (18:00 SGT) on March 29th. Here are the full details of this product:


Huobi showing support for XRP across its ecosystem as the company has already added XRP to its OTC (over-the-counter ) trading platform for big institutions.

It has been reported that Ripple regularly sells XRP over-the-counter to exchanges and institutional investors. 50% of the total supply of XRP is owned by Ripple.
Just hours before writing this article, Ripple moved millions of XRP. It appears to be Ripple selling a portion of its holdings to a third-party.

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