Crypto Exchange Bithumb terms the recent hack as “accident involving insiders”

In a tweet today, Bithumb announced that they have temporarily paused all the withdrawals and deposits. The exchange further explained that on the 29th of March, they detected some abnormal activities through their monitoring system.

The incident happens to be an “accident involving insiders” and they are investigating with security companies, the cyber police agency, and KISA. says the Exchange.

A tweet also went viral on Twitter in which it said that more than 3 million EOS (around $12.5 million) has been transferred at Bithumb’s cold storage level, but this is unconfirmed.

Last year in June 2018, the exchange had suffered a loss of $16 million in cryptocurrencies as there was a hack totaling $30 million, the exchange recovered $14 million of the stolen funds.

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